Updated July 5, 2023

We have owned, trained, raced, and bred this special mare since she was a three-year-old. We bought her in 2013 and she has been my favorite horse. May of 2023 was an exceedingly difficult time as she became extremely ill, very quickly with a severe case of fatal colic. She was euthanized after the diagnosis to alleviate the suffering she was experiencing. 

She was a good racing mare that had a respectable lifetime mark, speed and earnings for an overnight horse. But what I appreciated the most was her grit, and will to win. It was the combination of these qualities that led me to believe she would be a foundational mare for my small breeding operation (Unhynged Stables). She was only able to produce two live foals for us. Unhynged Speed is now three at the time of this writing with three wins, a mark of 1:54.4, and a beaten clocking of 1:51.3. Her youngest foal was weaned at her death (4 months) and is named Unhynged Noire.

Over her lifetime she competed in 175 races; accumulating 26 wins and earning $131,325 in purses.  Winning for me 24 of those 26 wins.  

Tragedy struck Excelerated Speed om May 24, 2023. She succumbed to a severe case of Colic. She was always my favorite horse, she will be dearly missed.


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