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We have operated a Standardbred racing stable based out of Florida and Illinois. Our harness racehorses often race in other states, such as Indiana, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. I started in this business in the mid-1980s at the very bottom when I dropped out of college to groom horses at Pompano Park. I have been in and out racing as my career and family allowed me the time. Now in the late stages of my corporate career, I find greater rewards (non-monetary) from horse racing. Harness racing is my passion! I also launched a small breeding operation, Unhynged Stables.

If you love sports, admire the world’s greatest athletes, and would like to become part of the history of a genuinely American sport and equine breed – you will love Harness Racing!

Pilgrims Haley

Many people love watching collegiate and professional sports. True fans follow the drafts, roster moves, and coaching strategies. The limitation of being a fan is your inability to see the inside story, and lack of influence you have to drive your team’s destiny. You are just a fan. All that matters to that favorite team you follow is for you to buy tickets, and jerseys, and show up to the games.

Owning a racehorse is like owning a sports team.  And as the racehorse owner, you are the team owner! The buck stops with you.

Racehorse ownership and harness racing is an exhilarating experience! Whether it is a maiden win, stakes win, or an overnight race. The thrill of heading into the winners’ circle is fantastic. Hearing the blowing of your horse, the handshake and smile from the driver is a special moment, regardless of the size of the purse.

It amazes me how equestrian sports centered on dressage and jumping are so popular, and often dominated by females. I had a similar experience where my daughter wanted to do the riding lesson program, but my son was not interested. A few years later when I returned to racing my son found an interest in horses and racing, he even worked with me. Owning and racing a standardbred is a family event. You can be full hands-on, or just jump in once in a while. I have seen many people that have no horse experience learn to handle and jog their race horse. The nature of the standardbred makes this breed an excellent choice.

Please feel free to contact me for any additional information if you have an interest.  I don’t train for hire as I have a full-time career at Microsoft. I have many friends that train stables that I can recommend.  I love explaining the sport to people with interest. Here is my contact information:

Ivar Hyngstrom

Racing Results

This page contains the race results for all the horses I have owned and raced since 2010.