I post these training videos because I have a lot of friends that are not into racing but may have a curiosity as to what is done to prep a horse for a race.  Storm Winds is a trotter. Trot races usually are raced at a mile and a trotting horse needs to trot a mile between 1:53 and 2:00.  We “train down” our horses and “Keep them tight” with training workout sessions.  We normally go two “trips” – twice on the track with a little rest between.  The first trip is a warm up and the second is the actual work where we try to condition for speed or educate them on something they have an issue with.

Today this is a bit of an education trip for Storm Winds.  He usually puts his stupid on when he sees the gate.  Instead of trotting at the start of the mile he has a history of freaking out and breaking into a wild gallop.  But this morning he was excellent and seems ready for his next race.  Hopefully next Sunday night at Hawthorne.